Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Founded by: Mohammad.Ali.Taheri

Any method of treatment other than the classic conventional medicine falls under the Complementary and Alternative Medicine or C.A.M. The World Health Organization has classified C.A.M into five categories and Faradarmani falls under the fourth category of Mind-Body Intervention and the sub-category of Mental treatment.
Faradarmani is based on the theory of “the consciousness bond of the parts” or “parts having consciousness in common”. According to this theory, every time a link is established between the whole consciousness and the consciousness of the [body] parts, the consciousness of the mind will be able to correct and self-repair the psyche and the body, thus healing and recovery will take place.
As a qualitative complementary method of treatment, Faradarmani recognizes the essence of man and takes action to improve the condition of the patient without any kind of intervention in the quantitative process of treatment.